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        Management Consultancy firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of its Corporate Community.

                                                                                                                           K.Kalyana Raman
                                                   M.Com., F.C.A., F.C.M.A(Ind), A.C.M.A(UK)C.I.A.,
                                                                              Managing Partner


CCS -Corporate Consultancy

CR 49576 is providing Management Consultancy Services to major corporate companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The promoter and the Managing Partner of CCS is resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain over 30 years. He is a qualified accounting and finance professional who had worked with Aluminium Bahrain(ALBA), one of the largest Aluminium Smelter with current annual production capacity over 1.2 million tones per year, for 11 years and then obtained a license in 1998 for conducting auditing and management consultant services by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, major corporate companies has been functioning in The Kingdom of Bahrain.


Strategy in CCS

Corporate Strategy is the comprehensive corporate vision by means of which a company will deliver value to its shareholders and customers and other stakeholders. CCS's experience as a professional management consulting firm frequently involves the development of solutions for the most difficult, fundamental problems facing the top level executives of our corporate clients. The nature of core strategy consulting assignment involve assisting in, strategic planning, Corporate Governance, scenario planning, share holder value analysis, new business unit strategy, benchmarking and providing Turn Around solutions to poor performance units.


Growth of CCS

The growth related assignments involve identifying potential areas for improving the profitability of the company, risk assessment reviews, integration, expansion and review of economies of scale of production/sales etc. Conducting operational reviews for tapping full potentials of the existing resources, assessment of new market potentials, new business launch evaluations and conducting reviews on the research and development activities of the company. Acting as advisor or consultant as to drafting of prospectus, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and listing agreement for Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism for formation of new companies. .